G.Skill Trident Z Royal F4-3600C16Q-128GTRS Memory Module 128GB 4x32GB DDR4 3600MHz


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G.Skill Trident Z Royal F4-3600C16Q-128GTRS Component for: PC/server, RAM memory: 128 GB, Memory layout (modules x size): 4 x 32 GB, Internal memory type: DDR4, Memory clock frequency: 3600 MHz, CAS latency: 16. Trident Z Royal is the newest member of the flagship family of Trident Z and features a crown jewel design. The crystalline light bar has been carefully designed to indicate just the right light refraction. It diffuses the RGB colours in a great LED lighting. Polished aluminium heat spreaders in gold or silver reflect the high quality light bar design and cool the memory modules in the award winning classic Trident Z-Tri-Fin design.

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